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$30,000 goal

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Can you help us reach our $30,000 goal, so we can get more kids moving and playing, year-round?

As some quick background, despite incredible efforts, our one (1) youth dedicated soccer field, Kane Park, in Lawrence is closed indefinitely due to poor construction and is now the subject of a lingering lawsuit to get fix, and for the first time in 10 years, our kids had to miss out on both weeknight and weekend futsal and fitness programs because there weren’t any available gym alternatives. It was sad and frustrating, as we make commitments to our youth and their families for year-round engagement, which is the difference maker when it comes to their overall health and well-being.

These barriers to growth have forced us to work extra hard negotiating fields/gyms or borrowing space from neighboring and more affluent communities. We’ve answered the call and done whatever it takes to ensure our Lawrence teams play every season. However, this winter marked the final straw.

Because of that we’ve team up with a handful of likeminded partners including, New England Sport Court and Hoops for Hope founder, to secure 9,000 sq. ft. of space at the former Polertec facility, now IndusPAD. This unique, historied space, which was ravaged by a fire and eventually rebuilt, is a perfect location to develop a year-round center for play, connection and fitness; our Sport & Wellness Center, or Sports HUB. We’re confident it can also serve as a place maker for economic development and sought-after collaboration that puts the health and wellness of Lawrence youth front and center.

With that said, we’re committed and motivated and will do everything in our power to make it happen. We want to raise $30,000 by the end of the year to offset rental costs, plus the initial capital for the first-rate, multipurpose, and portable playing space (see above) through Sport Court plus dashers/court barriers, floor to ceiling netting and other equipment to open the space for safe play and activity.

Will you help Us? Our track record speaks volumes (i.e. 11 years since our first soccer team and 8 years since our nonprofit incorporation), so it’s time for Beyond Soccer to enter a next level of growth and expansion that will undeniably lead to greater success, impact and sustainability. We hope you will consider!

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS. This video was put together by Oriagna Inirio and Esmeralda Hernandez, two young people who gew up in our programs. This in-house video was prepared for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Sports Award to showcase organizations, like us, that work hard to strengthen and serve communities through sport and make them healthier places to live. We think the girls did a pretty awesome job! It also highlights the tremendous need for both indoor & outdoor spaces & places. The construction of the new court is at the 2.05 minute mark. Enjoy.